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2170m ASL

Photo: Johannes Zangerl


Important Information

Watch out for paragliders
Do not fly the Barn Line (because of cattle)
Do not fly the Crack between 12pm and 4pm
Do not fly over town
Only use the main landing field below the Crack
Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-03 um
Sputnik with jumper.JPG


Technical Data

Rock drop
7.5 sec   ·   225 m   ·   740 ft
Altitude to landing
1595 m   ·   5230 ft



Season Pass
290 CHF

Fix price, valid May-November, unlimited rides up and down.

Paragliding² Day Pass
33 CHF* / 66 CHF

Unlimited rides up per day.

* With Half Fare Travelcard

Single Ticket¹
24 CHF* / 48 CHF

One ride up to Chäserrugg.

* With Half Fare Travelcard

¹ If you decide not to jump (e.g. because of bad weather), show your single ticket and get a free ride down.
² Valid for BASE too.
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