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In Switzerland a basejumper is subject to the same laws and regulations as a skydiver, as defined by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).

For legal basejumping in Switzerland you need a valid skydiving license and a third party insurance. Our insurance partner GENERALI offers following packages: 
For Swiss residents:
-  12 months for 75 CHF (only for Switzerland)
For non residents:
-   3 months for 45 CHF (renewable, only for Switzerland)

For a valid third party insurance, you have to buy a landing card.

For more information on coverage and limitations, check the insurance terms (only in German).


Why do I need a third party insurance?

When things go wrong in Switzerland, it can ruin your life financially. Imagine you have a line-twist and you land on the road causing an accident with three cars involved. Are you sure you want to take that risk?


What does it cover for?

Your third party insurance covers for damage to property (houses, cars, power lines, etc.) and damage to uninvolved persons up to 5’000’000 CHF.


Where can I get a third party insurance?

You can get your insurance at the Tourism Office in Lauterbrunnen (


Does the insurance cover if my skydiving license has expired?

No, it doesn't.



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