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Scex Rouge

2850m ASL

Photo: Guido Perrini


Important Information

  • Watch out for paragliders
  • Only jump into clear airspace
  • Do not pass paragliders close in freefall. They cannot hear or see you coming
  • Alpine jump - exit is at 2850 MSL
  • Land in the field with a windsock
  • Watch out for the cable in the landing area (see picture below)
  • Do not jump in small suits
Z1 + Z2: Paragliding Zones, keep distance and fly smart!
Attention: Some paragliders fly in areas that you can't see from the exit!
Kabel Landeplatz Scex Rouge.jpg
By getting your Landing Card you're supporting the local farmers in Lauterbrunnen, Walenstadt and Les Diablerets. If you only jump from Scex Rouge, please pay your daily landing fee (5 CHF) by TWINT.
Drone exit4.PNG


Technical Data

Rock drop
7 sec   ·   190 m   ·   620 ft
Altitude to landing
1600 m   ·   5250 ft



Season Pass
300 CHF

Fix price, valid May-October, unlimited rides.

Day Pass
85 CHF

Unlimited rides per day.

Single Ticket
30 CHF* / 60 CHF

One ride up to Scex Rouge

* With Half Fare Travelcard

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