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Landing Card 2019

It’s mandatory to buy a Landing Card if you jump in Lauterbrunnen or Walenstadt. The Landing Card is valid for both places.


Why do I have to buy a landing card?

The BASE landing fields in Lauterbrunnen and Walenstadt do not belong to the Swiss Base Association. They belong to private people (local farmers). By buying a Landing Card you’re allowed to land on the fields which are usually marked with a windsock.


How much is it? Where can I get it?

The Landing Card costs 40 CHF and is valid for a whole year (January until December). First you have to register on our homepage, then you can get your sticker at the Horner Pub, Airtime Café, Valley BASE Gear (The Shed), Base Café or the Tourist Information Office in Lauterbrunnen.


How do I pay?

You can either pay in cash at the Horner Pub, Airtime Café, Valley BASE Gear (The Shed), Base Café or the Tourist Information Office in Lauterbrunnen or you can pay via PayPal (please use same e-mail address for Paypal payment and registration).


Do I have to register every year?

Yes. The community of Lauterbrunnen and Walenstadt would like to know how many jumps we do per year. It’s also important to update your emergency contact.


Does all the money go to farmers?

No. 80 percent goes to the farmers, 20 percent stays within the Swiss Base Association. Board members of the SBA don’t get any money. 20 percent of your money is used for new ropes, new windsocks, new posters, the maintenance of our jumping sites, etc.



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