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High Trench


Photo: Johannes Zangerl


Important Information

  • Attention: Sometimes a cable passes the trench at its beginning
  • Watch out for paragliders and jumpers from other exits
  • Do not fly over town
  • Only use the main landing field below the Crack
  • Attention when wet (BFL #376, #439)
Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-03 um
High Trench.png


Technical Data

Rock drop (first underhung part)
2 sec   ·   16 m   ·   52 ft
Altitude to landing
1560 m   ·   5120 ft
Rock drop (overall)
6 sec   ·   145 m   ·   475 ft
High Trench_Difficulty



Season Pass
290 CHF

Fix price, valid May-November, unlimited rides up and down.

Paragliding Day Pass
33 CHF* / 66 CHF

Valid for BASE too. Unlimited rides up per day.

* With Half Fare Travelcard

Single Ticket¹
24 CHF* / 48 CHF

One ride up to Chäserrugg.

* With Half Fare Travelcard

¹ If you decide not to jump (e.g. because of bad weather), show your single ticket and get a free ride down.
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